Dino Issues

Ortalio -

Some of you have experienced the misfortune of losing a beloved dino. We can understand the inconvenience this may cause, and if you would like support with this issue, be sure to submit a ticket to us.

As such, could you please submit all dino related issues to us using the "Dino Issues" drop down in the ticket submission selection? That will allow for us to pinpoint the exact issues and hopefully get those resolved in the prevention of this reoccurring in the near future. When doing this though, please include the coordinates if possible and any visual evidence you may have. 

If you really want to go above and beyond, follow the steps below to give us the more exact coordinates to your stuck, dead, or lost dino.

For PC: 

  • Hit tab and type the command "SetCheatPlayer true" to show the coordinates
  • Hit tab and type the command "SetCheatPlayer false" to hide the coordinates
  • That will be where the coordinates show up
    • An example is -71467 -52156 0

For Console:

  • Log into a single player server at the same location of your stuck/lost dino
    • Open the console and enter SetCheatPlayer true
  • There will be coordinates that show up
    • An example is -71467 -52156 0
    • We just need the x, y, and z coordinates of where the issue occurred


If your dino is still stuck and alive, we are more than happy to meet with you in game to help you retrieve it. Sending us the XYZ coordinates and a screenshot of it will help expedite the ticket process. If it is no longer alive, We understand how losing a dino can be devastating, sadly we are unable to get back the exact dino that was originally lost, stuck, or died but we do offer replacements! Please understand that there are limitations that we have on restores, and our abilities to make restores. The dino replacements will not be the same as your dino.

If you are getting a dino restored, please keep in mind the GM has no control over the stats, color, mutations, or gender of the dino. Only the level of the dino. We are also unable to restore any items that were on the dino. If you accept an appointment with a GM, you are accepting that you understand this and wish to still get a replacement dino.

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