Checking the Status of Your Ticket

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If you have submitted a ticket with us at there are two ways to stay in contact with us to ensure that your ticket has been received and when/if the GM requests a reply back from you.


First Way

Through the website via


  • Log into your ARK account on
  • There should be a tab with your username at the upper right hand side with a down arrow.
    • Press this down arrow.
  • You will then see “MY ACTIVITIES”
    • Please press my activities. (see example below)

  • You will then be directed to the “My Activities” dashboard, where you will find any tickets you have submitted to us, and the status. (see example below)



  • The “status” of your ticket on the right hand side will indicate if your ticket is still Open (waiting on a GM to reply) Awaiting Your Reply, Solved or Closed.
  • Select the ticket you would like to view, and once you open your request, you will then see the current status in the upper right side of the ticket, the details that you provided, the comment/reply box (you can also attach files, videos etc.) and the “Set to Solved” check box. (see image below)



    • If you would like to close this ticket, you may check the box and press “submit”. If not, you may continue to reply using the comment/reply box.
  • PLEASE NOTE that If your ticket status is pending (you have not responded to us) for over 72 hours, it will automatically be set to solved.
    • If this is not the case, feel free to respond to the ticket and it will open it back up.
    • This process is automated and not done by the GM.
  • When the ticket closes, you also will be given the option to leave feedback about the GM who handled your request!


Second Way

Checking your Support tickets via email:


There is also another way you can respond to tickets. That was is through the email that you entered when you created your online account. When submitting a request, you will be notified, and given copies of your request via your email. You can also respond to the GM from that email address by replying back to the email from you most recent request like a normal email!


If you are having issues accessing your account please tweet us on twitter @ARK_Support

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