Someone is Blocking Player Spawns

Sanguine -

It has become increasingly common for players to block spawns on Official Servers and this is NOT something that Studio Wildcard condones. Below are some helpful information as to what spawn blocking is.

  • Blocking spawn points is defined as players/tribes blocking multiple spawn points for the purpose of not allowing any players to play on the server.
    • Blocking spawn points on Official Servers is against the spirit of the game.
  • The following are examples of blocking spawn points:
    • Using 1x1 structures that players spawn into and cannot get out of
    • Using spikes and spike walls at player spawn locations
    • Turrets located on or near spawn points
    • Gates, or any type of structure/cage that is meant to trap or instantly kill a player and prevent them from spawning on the map


If you are given a warning and fail to comply, you can be temporarily or permanently banned from all official servers.

    • Actions taken against players can also include removal of all tribe structures at the Game Master’s discretion.


If you are dealing with someone using exploits or inappropriate behavior against you, the best course of action is to report them to the Customer Support Team. Taking action into your own hands, where you in turn break these rules can result in actions being taken against you as well. 


Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Failure to abide by our server guidelines can result in the removal of your structures/creatures/items or suspension of your account. All account actions is at the Game Master’s discretion.


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