How to verify if it's a real admin (GM) on your official server

Sanguine -

It has been increasingly common for players to see the presence of a GM on the server. Some players have also taken to posing and impersonating an admin on other servers. Fortunately, there are several ways to identify the integrity of an official Wildcard GM on your server. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful!


If you see a different color font in your server chat, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is an admin on your server.

  • Admins will not typically change the color of their font in game.
  • The most typical identifier of an admin is the Wildcard logo in front of their name in server chat

When an admin is on your server and addressing players in chat, they will ALWAYS have a wildcard logo in front of their name.

Here is an example of what you should see when speaking to an official admin:



Studio Wildcard Customer Support does not favor any tribe or survivor and does offer assistance based on policy. An official Wildcard GM should never abuse their GM powers and it is very unlikely that this will occur. However, if you experience admin abuse, please report it by submitting a ticket to us.


Official Wildcard admins only offer assistance on official non-legacy servers. If you are on an unofficial server, please reach out to your server owner for more assistance.


Please note that it is against our Code of Conduct to impersonate someone else, including, without limitation, another user, tribe or Game Master ("GM").


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