Help! I forgot to merge my tribe and I lost everything!

Sanguine -

Hello Survivors!

Losing a tribe can be devestating! We have a quick fix that may help save you some time!

If you try to merge your tribe, and you forget and click "Join" instead, you may find yourself in the tribe you tried to merge with but do not have access to your old stuff. Following these steps should help you get it back without the help of a GM in game. Try these steps and see if this works for you:

1. Have the owner of the tribe that you merged into "kick" you out of tribe (do not remove your self, you must be kicked by the owner)

2. Once you are tribeless, log out of the server and back in

3. Once you have relogged back into the server, you should be owner of your old tribe. 

4. You then have control over your old tribe again and try merging again if you wish.


If this does not work for you, please feel free to request assistance by submitting a ticket to us. More info here.

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