Information About Appointments

Ortalio -

We have seen quite a few players submit tickets to us requesting appointments and have found a few things that may provide an inconvenience to players. We are writing this to hopefully clear some things up for all!

Set Appointments

If you received an appointment email from us and have set an appointment please respond to the ticket letting the agent know that you've scheduled the appointment. If there is no reply to the ticket, the ticket automatically closes. This has lead survivors to believe that their ticket has been solved by the agent or closed without being helped. Rest assured, we have the appointment still set at the time, so there is no need to submit a new ticket (replying to the closed one) regarding the appointment. 


Cancelled Appointments / GM did not show

If your appointment was cancelled, it is more than likely due to you not having submitted a ticket for us to gather more information on. If the GM did not show, it is more than likely due to the GM not being in the office due to an emergency or because there was a technical issue preventing us from doing so. We will do our best to work with other GMs to fit you into a schedule, but if that is not possible, we ask for you to select a new appointment date. If we said that we would restore something for you, then we'll still help even if a timer ran out, etc. 


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