Help! My character is stuck!

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To get your character unstuck, there are a couple things you can do.

If in Multiplayer, you have a few options to end your character's life so you will be able to re-spawn. These options are as followed:

  1. If your character is on solid ground you can defecate and proceed to eat your feces thus poisoning your character and ending your character's life.
  2. If your character is stuck in mid-air you can punch until your character is fatigued and continue punching which will in turn drain your character's food when attempting to refill your character's stamina thus starving your character.

If in Single-player, you are actually a host and admin of your server, Just hit your console key, defaulted to TAB on your keyboard and type in the following string:

enablecheats password

After doing so, you can type the following command to kill yourself

cheat hurtme VALUE

with the Value being a whole-number higher than your current HP


You can also make use of other commands to get you out of a sticky situation, such as relocating your survivors location using “cheat setplayerpos” followed with the X Y and Z coordinates. Please refer to the ARK Wiki for more information on console commands:


A good tool to garner in-game coordinates is this player-made interactive map, select the position you would like to be teleported to and it’ll display the command on the left-hand side:

Please note that this does not include the Z axis, so you may fall from high ground, or appear lower than intended. To get above ground, you can just increase the 3rd value on the console command, and to be safe from falling from a high-distance you can enable the console command “cheat god” however this will put your character in an unkillable state, so remember to turn it off afterwards, by activating it again if you would like to continue playing as normal.


Please submit a ticket if none of the steps above fixed your issue.
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