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Surviving the ARK can be a very difficult and rewarding experience. Working together with other Survivors to accomplish goals (regardless of server type) is a great feeling. However, sometimes Survivors choose to take a less honorable route, and go against the nature of the game. It is great that so many Survivors are willing to help us make the game a great and safe place for each community member, and we would like to help make contacting Customer Support regarding this easier. Below is the information that we would like Survivors to include when reporting another survivor.

The following information is required so that our investigation team can take the proper steps in providing the best support for the community.


For all in-game report abuse please submit a support ticket here with the following information: 

  • The name of the Survivor
  • Server Number (if this is an unofficial server, you’ll need to contact the server admin as Studio Wildcard Customer Support will be unable to assist you with this)
  • The Steam ID, Nintendo ID, Xbox live or PSN account Information
  • Screenshots or video evidence of the issue you are having
  • If it's a building location, etc. the please include the coordinates as well.
  • If you really want to go above and beyond, follow the steps below to give us the more exact coordinates to the location in question.

For Console:

  • Log into a single player server
    • Open the console and enter SetCheatPlayer true
  • There will be XYZ coordinates that show up
    • An example is -71467 -52156 0
    • We just need the x, y, and z coordinates of where the issue occurred


We hope this information is helpful for those trying to help make our community the best one that is can possibly be. We hope you all have a great day and good luck surviving!

At Studio Wildcard we take privacy seriously. We will not be able to disclose the details or results of investigations to anyone but the offending player. 
  • Community Channel Abuse
    • Please use the report post button to report all instances of abuse.
    • Steam Community Hub
    • Reddit
    • Forums
Moderators on each channel will handle the reports and investigate accordingly. If there is a need for escalation of the issue, please fill out a ticket and we will be able to assist accordingly. 
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