Tribe Merging

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In order to help with guiding players in the right direction when it comes to merging tribes, we've included some essential steps to have a successful tribe merge!

**Please do not attempt to fix this yourself by creating a new tribe as it can potentially make things worse.**

1) As the founder of your tribe, you must kick everyone else in your tribe using the "Remove Player From Tribe" option. You must be the ONLY member of your tribe remaining.

At this point, you want to make sure you have discussed the terms of your tribe merge, including how the new tribe's governance is handled.

Tribe merging is a big deal. It's like getting married except you cannot have your things back unless the tribe says so. Be forewarned we are unable to assist in tribe merges that have an unsatisfactory outcome.


2) After you have made the decision to merge into another tribe, have the founder or admin of the new tribe invite the owner of the old tribe.
When accepting the tribe invitation, select the "Merge Tribe" option on the right hand side of the wheel.
DO NOT SELECT JOIN TRIBE! If you select Join tribe there is a high chance of losing access to dinosaurs and buildings!


3) Verify the tribe has been merged successfully, and that all the dinosaurs and buildings are now under the ownership of the new tribe.


4) Invite back anyone you wish to join the newly merged tribe!


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