What does the ticket status mean?

Ortalio -

After submitting a ticket, there will be a status associated with your ticket. Click on the “My Activities” link under your login name. You will find your ticket showing either “New, Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved or Closed.” See below for an explanation of these statuses!


New indicates that no action has been taken on the ticket.

Open indicates a ticket has been assigned to an agent and is in progress.

Pending indicates the agent is waiting for more information from the requester.

On-Hold indicates the agent is waiting for information or action from someone other than the requester. It can also mean an appointment has been scheduled.

Solved indicates the agent has submitted a solution.

    • If your issue hasn't been resolved, you can respond to the ticket before it is closed. We'll try our best to answer any additional questions and attempt to solve anything we may have missed!


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