Important Information Regarding Dino Restores

Sanguine -

Hey Survivors!

We do the best we can to help get everyone the support they deserve given the tools we have available at this time. We are sadly unable to restore the following dinos:

1. Reapers
2. Phoenix
3. unicorns
4. Basilisk*
5. Any eggs
6. Temporary tamed dinos 

The following can not be restored without visual evidence (screenshots of dino and level, video of dino and level, or tribelog screenshot)

1. Rock drake
2. Crab

*Basilisks can only be restored if the dino was suck under the mesh or fell through the map and you have visual evidence of this occurring in game.

If you are getting a dino restored, please keep in mind the GM has no control over the stats, color, mutations, or gender of the dino. Only the level of the dino. We are also unable to restore imprints at this time or any items that were on the dino. If you accept an appointment with a GM, you are accepting that you understand this and wish to still get a replacement dino. 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this matter. We're hoping that we can help clear out a lot of these persisting issues and help everyone get back to enjoying this game we all love.


Please feel free to check out our specific Twitter Page at Ark Support Twitter. We usually keep this up to date. Keep in mind though, we will not be able to address actual tickets via it. However, it will be another place you all can go to reach out to us. 

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