How to connect to an ARK: Survival Evolved server?

GM Argos -

Approach 1: Steam favorites list

  • Open Steam
  • On the top bar select "View", scroll down a little, and select "Servers". Will open a new window
  • On the top bar, we should be on the "Favorites" option. 
  • On the bottom right corner select "Add server". Will open a little window requesting an IP
  • Locate your IP address:
    • Navigate to your Web Interface
    • On the left side locate the IP address of the server as shown below:
    • Locate your Query Port: Web Interface Dashboard->Scroll down
    • Add the Query Port to the IP address of the server. For example:
    • IP Adress:
    • Query Port: 40001
    • IP + QueryPort:
  • Copy your IP + Query Port on the field, and select "Add this address to favorites"
  • Now your server will be on the Favorites list, select it (will light up with a blue background)
  • On the right bottom corner select "Refresh". Select again your server and click on "Connect" (If you click on "Connect" without refreshing before, an error will appear. This is a bug from Steam)

Refresh.jpg SteamBug.jpg

  • If you enabled a password on your server, a new window will appear requesting the server password, type it as it appears on the Web Interface.
  • It will launch the game and join the server.


Approach 2: Direct start option

  • Start your Steam program
  • Navigate to "Games -> View Games Library" in the header bar
  • right click on "ARK: Survival Evolved"
  • Select the "Properties" menu point
  • Navigate to the "GENERAL" section
  • Navigate to the bottom of that section and locate "LAUNCH OPTIONS"
  • Enter +connect into the text input field (change the example IP with your Gameserver's IP address)
    • Use +connect +password YOURPASSWORD if the server is password protected
  • Close the windows
  • Start ARK: Survival Evolved via Steam and it will directly connect to the defined server


Approach 3: Web interface

  • Start your Steam program
  • Click on the gray "Connect to server" button in the top right corner of the server's Web interface


  • Accept the external protocol request, it is recommended to save this setting, so the message box won't pop up every time
  • The game should now start and connect to the server


Method: Epic Games

  • Open Epic Games and start Ark Survival Evolved game
  • Select the first option "Join Ark"
  • Put the name of the server at the top as it appears in the Web Interface of your server
  • In the lower-left corner select the "Unnoficial servers" filter
    • The filter "Auto favorite played sessions" has to be disabled
    • The filter "Show Password protected" depends if your server has a password or not. Check your Web Interface Settings -> General
  • If the game does not appear the first time, turn the filter "Password protected" on/off and back to off/on
  • Your server will appear in the list, select it and press the "Join" button
  • If your server has a password, a field will appear, please type your password as it appears in the Web Interface of your server
  • Connect to server



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