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Hello Survivors,


We are currently experiencing a high volume of tickets due to the AWS outage, which caused several players to lose their survivor. As such, we're getting to everyone's tickets a bit slower than we'd like, and due to the high amount of tickets received, this can take an extremely long time for in game issues to be resolved.

 In order to get to your ticket submissions faster, we would like to ask for the communities help. We've listed below, the ways you can help. :)


  • If you've submitted a ticket, but the issue has been resolved, please feel free to close the ticket
  • If you have multiple tickets regarding the same issue, please close all the ones after the original request (submitting multiple of the same issue does not increase the speed in which we get to you.)
  • If your server is not showing up or has gone down, please submit the information to https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/221703808-My-server-is-down-What-do-I-do- as Customer Support is unable to assist with these particular issues
  • If this issue is a bug report, the best place to submit that information would be on the forums located at PC PS4 and XBOX as the development team constantly browses that

We thank you so much for your patience, understanding and help with this. Stay safe out there Survivors!



Studio Wildcard Customer Support Team


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