How to provide video evidence

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Recording and Sharing Videos for Support Tickets

Below you will find various ways for recording and submitting videos with your support tickets.  Often, these videos are required by Customer Support and the Enforcement Team to take action on your requests.


Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 has a built-in video capture tool called “Game Bar”.

This is the easiest way to capture videos if you don't want to install other programs. 

Getting Set Up

Check if the Game Bar is active by pressing WIN +G


 If the shortcut doesn’t work, you must activate the Game Bar in your Windows Settings first. 

To do this go to Settings → Gaming → Game Bar and activate it there. 


While you are in the settings also go to the captures heading on the left and change/ adjust some settings. 

These settings are best to use to deliver good videos for the Enforcement and Support Team. Be sure to test the options since some options can affect your game performance.


Make sure you enable “Background recording” as this allows you to always have the last x minutes ready to be saved in case an incident happens.  

You can also change the time of how far back this recording should go. We recommend 5-10 minutes as it will show enough evidence of the incident while not taking up too much storage space.

It’s important to note the location of the videos will be saved in.  You may want to change the location to another drive depending on your system setup.

Sending A Video

Once an incident occurs in game you can now press WIN+G and then press this button on the “Capture” box


Alternatively, you can simply press WIN+ALT+G and the same action will be triggered. 

This will save the last x (the time you set it to) minutes to the save location you set. From there you can then upload it to Youtube.  

Make sure you upload your video as unlisted and share the link to it in the report. This way no other user can see the video unless you send them the link.


More info can be found here:


Nvidia Instant Replay / Shadow Play ™ 

Nvidia has a similar feature in their Geforce Experience. This feature will not  impact your game performance like the Windows 10 Game Bar.. 

In order to use this feature you need to check that you have a compatible Nvidia graphics card  and have the above mentioned Geforce Experience installed. 

Getting Set Up

Open the Geforce Experience and enable the In-Game Overlay by clicking on the gear icon and then scroll through the general settings 


Then click on the settings button 

Navigate to the “Recordings” section to specify where temporary and saved video files are stored.

Then navigate to the “Video-capture” section

Select Instant-Replay length to 5 minutes the Quality to High and select the resolution and video frame rate (use at least 1080p and 30fps)


Once you are done click the “Done” or “Save” button on the right 

You should come to a overview screen looking like this 


Click on Instant Replay and Turn it on.

From now on your Graphics card will always have the last 5 minutes of your gameplay saved.

Sending A Video

Once an incident happens that you want to capture and save press ALT+Z to open the overlay pressing the save button on Instant Replay or by using the default Hotkey ALT+F10

After you have saved a clip you can view and edit the length in the gallery to then upload it to Youtube. In order for this functionality to work, you will need to log into your account from the overlay. If the upload does not work you can still upload the video file by navigating to the specified folder and upload it from there to Youtube manually.

Make sure that you select upload as unlisted video in both cases and share the link to it in the report. This way no other user can see the video unless you send them the link.

You can find more info here:


AMD Radeon™ ReLive 

AMD has a similar software to the one from Nvidia.

Please check out this detailed video that explains the feature:

You can find more information here:



Your PS4 has a built-in feature that records the last 15 minutes of gameplay. 

You can simply press the “Share” button on the controller and save that last 15 minutes. 

Below, we’ll show you the settings that are most useful in  getting a better quality video. 

Getting Set Up

Navigate  to Settings → Sharing and Broadcasts → Video Clip Settings

and change the following settings 

Dimensions to 1920 x 1080 and set the length of the video clip to 10 minutes (longer clips are unnecessary).


Sending A Video

Once an incident happens ingame simply press the “Share” button and go to save video clip. 

Then go to the Gallery App on your home screen and select the correct video clip you want to upload. 

To upload a video clip you have to press the “share” button again it should open the following page.


Select YouTube and log in if you aren’t already. 

Next you will have options to trim your clip and name it. 

Make sure that you select “Unlisted” in the privacy setting: 


Once the video is uploaded you can see it on your Youtube account by clicking on this link 

From there you can simply get the link to the video and share it with us in the report.


More information can be found here:



Similar to the PS4, the Xbox One features a built in screen recorder. 

Getting Set Up

Press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to “Capture & share”. Navigate to Capture settings and  adjust some default settings.


Set the video settings to the following settings: 

Record what happened to 2 minutes to get as much video evidence as possible of incidents, 

Game clip resolution should be set to 1080p SDR as it helps  to see names better. Feel free to adjust the rest of the settings to your liking.


Sending A Video

Once an incident happens in game press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to the “Capture & Share” and click on the “Record What Happened” button then select the last 2 minutes. 

SInce Xbox does not allow direct sharing to Youtube, you will need to upload the video to OneDrive first,then manually upload it to Youtube on your PC or mobile phone. Go back to “Capture & Share” and select “Recent Captures”. Then select the correct video clip and select it. This should bring you to a page similar to this.


Select “See all sharing options” and then select OneDrive from the options menu. Confirm the upload to OneDrive and you are done on the Xbox itself.

After this, your Xbox will upload the video in the background to your OneDrive. 

Once complete, you will need to go to OneDrive on your mobile phone or Computer to download the video clip. After you have downloaded it you have to upload the clip to Youtube. Don’t forget to set the video to be Unlisted.

This way no other user can see the video unless you send them the link.


You can find more information here:


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