How to report Code of Conduct violations

GM Otter -

Do you think someone violated the Code of Conduct on our official servers? If so, you should file a report.

Filing A Report

The first step is letting us know that you think there was a violation of the Code of Conduct.

  1. To file a ticket, click on Submit a Request at the top right of any support page.
    • Note: You have to sign in first using your forum account.
  2. Select Report Abuse


Filling Out the Report

Provide as much information as possible when filing tickets. It allows our enforcement agents to diagnose tickets and respond to tickets more quickly.


The report's subject line should be in the following format: [CoC violation] – [PC/XBOX/PS4] – [Your Account Name]

  • Example: Pillaring - PC - Survivor_Bob


Additional Information To Provide

  1. Your SteamID / Gamertag / PSN
    • For Steam accounts, provide your Steam ID. Need help finding your ID? Read this article
    • For Xbox, Playstation and EPIC accounts you need to provide the exact spelling of your PSN, Xbox or EPIC account (capitalization matters)

  2. Your Character Name

  3. Your Tribe Name

  4. Map Name
    • Select the map where the violation happened

  5. Server Name
    • Provide the exact name of the server

  6. Coordinates
    • Provide exact GPS coordinates if you are on consoles
    • If you’re on the PC client (including the Windows 10 build) please use
      CopyCoordsToClipboard or short ccc console command, as this will copy the exact dev coordinates into your clipboard ready to be pasted in the field

  7. Time of Issue
    • Provide the date and time (in PST/PDT) of when the violation occurred

  8. Reported SteamID / Gamertag /PSN
    • if possible provide the SteamID / Gamertag /PSN of the player you report
      • For Xbox and Playstation accounts you need to provide the exact spelling of the PSN or Xbox account (account names are case sensitive)
    • if you don't know it just fill the field with n/a

  9. Reported Character Name
    • Provide the exact character name of the person who violated the Code of Conduct

  10. Reported Tribe Name
    • Provide the exact tribe name

  11. Game Platform

  12. Description Field
    • Provide any additional information that will help us understand the issue
    • If you are submitting video evidence, please use one of the following hosting services
      • YouTube (Upload your video as "not-listed" this will make sure no one else can find it by searching for it)
      • Streamable (You don’t need an account to upload to this service and you can post the link from other services that aren’t supported)
      • Twitch (Link your past streams with timestamps to check or clips of the violation)
    • Images submitted should be readable or they won't be used. This includes pictures that are too small or pixelated to read.

Teaming Report Guidelines

video evidence should include:

  • Short overview of action going on 
    • Indicate the relative position of associated bases/fobs 
    • Please show who owns them (use spyglass) 
    • If possible, try to show where the action is taking place (players/dinos)
  • Spyglass of people names 
    • should show shortly before or after they teamed 
  • for longer videos 
    • include timestamps where stuff can be seen 
  • Tribe names and player names must be included in the videos
  • Videos should be submitted via a Youtube link (see help article
  • Screenshots/videos of tribe logs are not sufficient evidence for action in the vast majority of cases.


What To Expect

After filing a ticket, your request will go into a queue that’s based on the time/date we received it. Since each case is reviewed individually, during periods of high ticket volume Customer Service agents may be delayed in responding to your ticket.




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